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Basic Stats
PGTy Jerome424234.08.517.2.4924.710.2.4561.81.9.9750.
PGJoe Chealey43012.
SGScottie Lewis433128.
SGMarcquise Reed41321.
SGXavier Munford362324.
SGRichard Davis1908.
SGTravis Bader181834.812.323.2.5293.25.7.5594.14.11.0002.
SGIsaiah Joe1204.
SFVince Edwards433828.
SFDorain Finney-Smith40013.
PFJustin Jackson414135.
PFLuka Mitrovic37014.
PFJoe Johnson1105.
CStarzee Kemp1405.
CDavid Murray1405.
Shooting Stats
PGTy Jerome.404.
PGJoe Chealey.
SGScottie Lewis.858.317.442.
SGMarcquise Reed.779.
SGXavier Munford.555.
SGRichard Davis.
SGTravis Bader.756.160.328.
SGIsaiah Joe.733.
SFVince Edwards.813.373.315.
SFDorain Finney-Smith.776.117.393.
PFJustin Jackson.920.
PFLuka Mitrovic.909.168.322.
PFJoe Johnson.524.143.333.000.048.476.5451.000.429.000.000.000
CStarzee Kemp.750.450.
CDavid Murray.923.077.077.385.385.077.4171.0001.000.400.000.000
Advanced Stats
PGTy Jerome2.1-3.45.625.4.649.6271.79.85.922.
PGJoe Chealey-6.63.2-9.719.8.614.5771.25.33.319.
SGScottie Lewis1.4-0.21.512.5.519.4713.49.86.715.42.62.420.32.212.0
SGMarcquise Reed-1.83.0-4.915.5.476.4483.715.69.914.
SGXavier Munford3.2-3.26.413.5.599.5822.
SGRichard Davis-1.8-0.3-
SGTravis Bader3.1-3.86.934.0.635.5975.911.38.721.
SGIsaiah Joe-2.71.7-4.3N/A.633.6331.910.66.412.40.94.916.71.714.4
SFVince Edwards1.7-0.82.515.2.527.4985.518.
SFDorain Finney-Smith-1.41.7-
PFJustin Jackson5.7-9.615.321.5.509.4539.019.614.
PFLuka Mitrovic-7.74.8-12.516.5.531.4987.214.410.
PFJoe Johnson-14.1-1.5-12.5N/A.286.28612.411.612.
CStarzee Kemp0.04.6-4.6N/A.520.5006.321.314.
CDavid Murray-31.82.4-34.2N/A.424.3852.68.45.616.50.00.810.85.510.0
Miscellaneous Stats
PGTy Jerome3.65.3.6771.712.012.10.9967.5.034.0720.10.0
PGJoe Chealey1.41.8.7720.
SGScottie Lewis2.93.2.9132.29.310.10.9341.0.039.0850.30.0
SGMarcquise Reed1.21.3.9231.
SGXavier Munford2.12.8.7331.
SGRichard Davis0.41.0.3680.
SGTravis Bader2.22.7.7961.810.811.10.9766.0.033.0620.00.0
SGIsaiah Joe0.30.31.0000.
SFVince Edwards1.21.7.6941.510.110.60.9534.3.037.0620.10.0
SFDorain Finney-Smith0.81.1.7110.
PFJustin Jackson2.42.9.8402.
PFLuka Mitrovic0.91.4.6730.
PFJoe Johnson0.30.5.5000.
CStarzee Kemp0.00.4.0000.
CDavid Murray0.10.3.2500.
Stats Key

GP - Games Played

GS - Games Started

MIN - Minutes Played

FGM - Field Goals Made

FGA - Field Goals Attempted

FG% - Field Goal Percentage

3PM - 3 Pointers Made

3PA - 3 Pointers Attempted

3P% - 3 Point Percentage

FTM - Free Throws Made

FTA - Free Throws Attempted

FT% - Free Throw Percentage

ORB - Offensive Rebounds

DRB - Defensive Rebounds

TRB - Total Rebounds

AST - Assists

STL - Steals

BLK - Blocks

TOV - Turnovers

PF - Personal Fouls

PTS - Points

2PA - Percent of shots as 2 pointers

0-3A - Percent of shots within 3 feet

3-10A - Percent of shots from 3-10 feet

10-16A - Percent of shots from 10-16 feet

16-3PA - Percent of shots from 16 feet to 3 point line

3PA - Percent of shots as 3 pointers

2P% - Field Goal Percentage from 2 point range

0-3% - Field Goal Percentage within 3 feet

3-10% - Field Goal Percentage from 3-10 feet

10-16% - Field Goal Percentage from 10-16 feet

16-3P% - Field Goal Percentage from 16 feet to 3 point line

3P% - Field Goal Percentage from 3 point range

ON - +/- While on court

OFF - +/- While off court

NET - Net +/-

PER - Player Efficiency Rating

TS% - True Shooting Percentage

EFG% - Effective Field Goal Percentage

ORB% - Offensive Rebound Percentage

DRB% - Defensive Rebound Percentage

TRB% - Total Rebound Percentage

AST% - Assist Percentage

STL% - Steal Percentage

BLK% - Block Percentage

TO% - Turnover Percentage

A/TO - Assist to Turnover Ratio

USG% - Usage Percentage

DRVS - Drives Stopped

DRVF - Drives Faced

STP% - Percentage of drives stopped

TOFC - Turnovers Forced

PTAL - Points Allowed

SHTF - Shots Faced

PA/SF - Points Allowed per Shots Faced

TCHS - Touches

TO/TCH - Turnovers per Touches

A/TCH - Assists per Touches

CHRG - Charges Taken

TECH - Technical Fouls

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